Other Places of Worship.

Project Description


Other Places of Worship

The programming, planning and design of church facilities has been a mainstay of IGW’s practice for nearly five decades. Our ability to assist church leaders and committees in the analysis of facility needs, confirmation of available resources and creation of a facility vision that garners congregational consensus has led to over sixty successful church projects. While each project is unique and services tailored accordingly, most start with the development of a master facility plan that provides preliminary site and building design, associated project costs and phased implementation as may be required. IGW’s depth of knowledge and experience on PreK-12 projects enhances our abilities when church-school complexes are contemplated. The following partial list of projects (shown from left to right) is representative of the scope and variety of our church work:

1. Hindu Temple and Cultural Center
2. St. John Lutheran Church
3. St. Matthew Lutheran Church Addition
4. St. Matthew Roman Catholic Church

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