Student Housing.

Project Description

Residential and Housing

Student Housing

IGW completed a number of new 2 and 3-story, wood-frame student apartment projects for Hunsinger Enterprises Inc. within the highly regulated Mixed Office Residential Zoning District (MOR) in Urbana, Illinois.  This district was conceived to allow a variety of residential, office, and small-scale commercial uses within an established residential corridor connecting downtown Urbana with the University of Illinois campus.  New developmental regulations and incentives were formulated to encourage the adaptive reuse of older structures and mandate that any new construction be consistent with the existing character of the District.

Design guidelines and a review process were established by the City of Urbana to ensure that proposed new structures, building additions, and existing building renovation would be accomplished in a manner compatible with the existing buildings found in the District.  The guidelines address various design criteria including façade zone, building orientation and patterns, massing and scale, window and door openings, exterior materials, porches and balconies, parking, and landscaping.  Several IGW projects were included in the City’s MOR Design Guidelines brochure to illustrate successful examples of compatible design.

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