Residential Treatment Center.

Project Description

Senior Living and Healthcare

Residential Treatment Center

IGW designed the 25,000 square foot Residential Treatment Center at Cunningham Children’s Home in Urbana, Illinois as a therapeutic living environment for youth 10-18 years in age with serious emotional and behavioral disabilities.  The 30-bed, 14,000 square foot residential portion of the building consists of three self-contained housing units, each providing individual bedrooms, shared living and dining space, counselor control room, staff office, seclusion room and storage.  An attached 11,000 square foot clinical and health services wing includes counseling, therapy, observation and exam rooms as well as offices for the administrators, therapists, and nurses.

A multi-purpose meeting and dining room, centralized kitchen and laundry facilities and other building support space complete the facility.  Site development includes a secure outdoor recreation area for each housing unit along with needed utilities, building services, walks, drives and parking, site lighting and landscape.

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