Chapel of St. John the Divine.

Project Description


Chapel of St. John the Divine

Originally designed as an eight bay, perpendicular gothic church in 1925, only three bays of the original design and a “temporary” wood frame chancel and sacristy were constructed prior to the Great Depression.  After nearly eighty years, the Episcopal Church Foundation renewed their commitment to complete the Chapel and commissioned IGW to expand and renovate the Chapel of St. John the Divine in Champaign, Illinois.

After demolition of the wood frame portion, a new addition was constructed which included two high bays for the nave expansion and chancel and a lower area for the sacristies.  A new central air conditioning system was also included as part of the project along with a number of code-mandated upgrades including compliance with accessibility standards.  The addition’s exterior massing, stained glass fenestration, limestone cladding and architectural detailing are consistent with the original neo-gothic architecture while the chancel was finished simply with a neutral background to highlight the seasonal vestments and celebration.

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