Cunningham Campus Master Plan.

Project Description

Planning and Feasibility

Cunningham Campus Master Plan

IGW crafted a new campus master plan for Cunningham Children’s Home, a child welfare agency in Urbana, Illinois serving children and adolescents with serious emotional and behavioral disabilities.  After increasing campus acreage and guided by their strategic plan, the agency requested a plan to meet future needs and create a unified, cohesive campus that would provide a safe, nurturing, therapeutic environment where children and youth can achieve personal growth and healing.

Cunningham was engaged in an interactive process to create a vision, assess program and service needs, evaluate site opportunities, explore alternative campus organizational concepts, agree to a preferred direction and develop a Master Plan with phased implementation and costs.  As a prerequisite to the planning, a programming effort was conducted to verify and bring definition to the critical site and building needs identified in the strategic plan.

The master plan envisions the development of a new north quad connected to the historic quad on the original campus and includes plans for several new buildings, existing building renovations and site improvements to meet current and future needs.

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